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Exercise Group
11th February 2018
Fairfield Library
Commencing 9:30 am

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27th January 2018
Brisbane Rugby League
Referrees Club
Brougham St Fairfield
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Fairfield Writers' 4th Anthology





ISBN 97809994279200

Prepare to be chilled and thrilled, to laugh and cry, to ponder and wonder as you feast on this smorgasbord of crime. Written by a collective group of experienced authors, each tantalizing taste of what Fairfield Writers has to offer will only do one thing: leave you craving for more.

  • When Celia Hammond discovers her late husband has been
    cheating on her, she seeks revenge.
  • A woman's fascination with Barbie-doll look-alikes leads to
    dire consequences.
  • There's more than overtime being earned at the warehouse in
    the evenings.
  • A mother pays a high price for her son's crime. But is he guilty?
  • Did the Major die of heart failure or poisoning? That was the
    question on everyone's lips.
  • A severed head is found at Compton House, but where's the
  • A peaceful Sunday morning is shattered when a popular priest
    is murdered at the altar.
  • A footballer's wife is found battered in her home by a close
  • The revenge of a scorned lover goes horribly wrong.
  • Three children are missing. A woman is seen taking photos of
    men with dogs. Does a missing piece of jigsaw puzzle hold
    the key?

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