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11th February 2018
Fairfield Library
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27th January 2018
Brisbane Rugby League
Referrees Club
Brougham St Fairfield
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Fairfield Writers' 3rd Anthology


ISBN 9780980571462_0_0

Mystery, murder, magic, mayhem, and more: Eight local
Brisbane authors take you on a whirlwind journey through the
seasons of life.

Join a nun fleeing convent life, sailors hunting treasure in the
exotic Caribbean seas, a widow seeking strength to live and love
again, and star-crossed couples chasing the lovers’ dream. Battle
evil in fantasy worlds. Solve murder mysteries. Form lasting
friendships with a rich array of characters who emerge living
and breathing from the pages to uncover dark secrets, make you
tremble in fear, grieve, weep, laugh, fi nd love and peace… and
ultimately learn to love life.

In their third Anthology, members of the Fairfield Writers Group
present thirteen playful, heartwarming, exciting, and intimate
short stories of crime, romance, mystery, and fantasy.

Another triumph for the Fairfield Writers Group.
Another collection to entice and enjoy page aft er
page. Changing Seasons covers the full gamut of
human emoti ons and endeavour. Fairfi eld Scribes
have produced an anthology they could well be
proud of.

Estelle Pinney, Author

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