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Writer at work

Exercise Group
11th February 2018
Fairfield Library
Commencing 9:30 am

Novel Group
27th January 2018
Brisbane Rugby League
Referrees Club
Brougham St Fairfield
Commencing 9:30am



Fairfield Writers' 2nd Anthology




ISBN 9780980571431_0_0

Members of the Fairfield Writers Group tell their stories of the adventure that is life.

  • After the 2011 Brisbane Flood, a woman cleans out her muddy Yeronga home and learns about human behaviour in times of crisis.
  • Struggling to rebuild his life, a man of vision battles vengeful island gods who seek to teach him humility.
  • Glasgow of the fi fties comes to life in a tale about a teenage boy losing his virginity.
  • After her parents’ fatal accident, Danielle's prying leads to an amazing discovery.
  • A young woman is discontent comparing her life with the lives of her forebears, until her husband triggers an epiphany.
  • Kate, a contented septuagenarian, tells how she survived the challenges of growing up in war-torn East Germany.
  • A mother watches her gifted son deteriorate as she attempts to save him from a debilitating disease.
  • Sleep evades the troubled Emily Barrett, who is arrested during a midnight stroll.
  • Elizabeth is devastated by the discovery of letters revealing her deceased parents' secrets.

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