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Fairfield Writers'1st Anthology


ISBN 978-0-9805714-2-4

2009 is Queensland's 150th birthday year. The Fairfield Writers Group is helping to celebrate with this anthology of Queensland stories.

Eight writers of the group use fact, fiction or fantasy to tell stories of Beginnings: Queensland Stories. They are new lives of migrants, fresh starts of faltered relationships, new competition between neighbouring country towns, new love interstate and new perspectives of Queensland icons.

Whether you live in Queensland, are a visitor, or are interested in Queensland living, you will identify with stories in this book. If you migrated here yourself or have origins overseas or interstate, or have moved from the country to a city, this anthology records the trauma of dislocation and the triumph of adaptation and participation in the Queensland community. That community is changing. There are new relationships full of surprises to delight every reader.

This collection glows with compassion, insight, humour and drama. These Queensland stories deserve to be read and appreciated for the wisdom and insight they bring to the immigrant experience.

Dr Veny Armanno

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